Evelina Rajca: Sleeper

Evelina Rajca (born 1984) works as an interdisciplinary artist. As such, she freely incorporates ideas drawn from other fields, such as the natural sciences, cultural studies, psychology, visual art, music and films in her work. Rajca’s mixed media installations combine process-based artefacts, performances and interventions to merge historical information and contemporary knowledge with myth. Her surprising work binds artistic experimentation with scientific speculation. Rajca’s interdisciplinary methods enable her to constitute and reconstitute stories and information, and thereby reconstruct existing systems. In this way, she is able to decouple the information from the ideologies embedded in these systems, allowing for novel, or simply different, interpretations.

As part of her VISIT fellowship, Evelina Rajca developed – to put it simply – a type of quilt with sensors that gather information on how much energy a sleeper consumes or releases during their rest period. This resulted in a process-based mixed media installation that will later be combined with a workshop and documented in an audiovisual publication. The long-term project also aims to examine terms such as “renewal rate of energy reserves” and “energy harvesting”. #VISIT2015

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