Stefano Cagol Publishes with Revolver Publishing Berlin

May 2015: Stefano Cagol is publishing his book “The Body of Energy (of the Mind)” with Revolver Publishing Berlin. The book documents the European trip he took as part of his VISIT project. Cagol’s book describes his search for traces of energy – cultural energy, individual energy, collective energy and energy exchange between humans and the environment. The project led him through ten countries, from Norway to Gibraltar. At each stop along the way, the artist initiated participative events to engage the public. These interventions were documented in photographs, videos and using an infrared camera, a symbolic guardian of energy. The book includes an introduction by Veit Loers and additional contributions by Andreas Beitin, Tobias Bezzola, Giovanni Carmine, Letizia Ragaglia and Andrea Viliani.

ISBN: 978-3-95763-271-5, 2015, 256 Seiten, Revolver Verlag Berlin