Ben Greber/Bram Kuypers: A Power Remains

A Power Remains is an artistic investigation into the forces behind large-scale innovations in transport and mobility. Point of entrance for the project is the former test track of the Transrapid magnet-levitated train in Emsland, which was taken out of service in 2011 and left abandoned in the landscape. Although the track no longer serves its original purpose, it still seems to radiate a particularly energetic power. As a kind of arcade, the track symbolises the belief in technological innovation, the determination of engineers and the unpredictability of how the future eventually takes shape.

History hides plenty of, sometimes successful but mostly unsuccessful, technological innovations that would change the ways of traveling in the future to come. On their way Greber and Kuypers will carry out performative interventions on site and create sculptural relics from old parts and remnants. Their aim is to create a point of silence within the speeding pace of technological development: a monument to rethink the future. Here one can ask questions about the belief in innovation, the powers that shape it and what in the end becomes reality.


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