Project sketches can be submitted by individual artists or by project groups. However, please only list one contact person here for the time being.
Please briefly note the most important aspects/achievements of your scholastic career up to now. Specialised education at a university or academy is desirable, but not required.
Please briefly note the most important activities/achievements of your artistic career up to now. To do this create a “short-list” reduced to include only those activities that are most important to you.
Please describe the basic idea of your plan and intention, along with how your artistic work relates to the topic of “Energy” and its social relevance. Interdisciplinary and participative approaches are welcome. VISIT doesn’t make strict distinctions between art, design or architecture – genre restrictions are not binding.
The budget per project totals 20,000 Euros, which can be used for salary payments as well as for costs associated with travel and production, exhibitions and documentation. Briefly specify the relevant positions and clarify whether the project can be financed solely by VISIT or whether additional funds will be required or are already available.
Starting times and implementation periods can be negotiated on the basis of each individual project. However, bear in mind that when possible your project should be initiated during the year of selection and completed within six months thereafter.
As a VISIT artist, you can rely on us and our E.ON network for our full support. But also please remember that we cannot fulfil every request for the transfer of know-how or for technical equipment. If you already have specific ideas about how your project will require visits to particular facilities or access to specific technologies, please briefly specify these needs here so that we can do some advance research and avoid disappointments.
Please upload your portfolio (maximum 20 MB). Attention: Only upload your portfolio as a PDF document file!
Please upload your project-related sketches here (maximum 20 MB), i.e. scribbles, diagrams or illustrations. Attention: Only upload sketches as a PDF document file!

When you apply for VISIT sponsorship, your data is generally processed only by the E.ON Foundation’s bodies responsible for the concrete application process as well as assigned (IT) service providers. The submitted documents are also provided to the current members of the jury for assessment purposes. For further details please see our data protection statement.