Ben Greber and Bram Kuypers open "Procession III" in Berlin

The passengers whiz through a vacuum tube in a gondola system at a speed of almost 1,000 km/h. They cannot see the landscape around them. They can't see the landscape around them. Is this the means of transportation of the future?

Our fellows Ben Greber and Bram Kuypers are fascinated by the Hyperloop. As part of their project "All the Power that Remains," the artists filmed a trilogy of video performances, each taking place in and around test facilities for futuristic trains.

In the third installment, "Procession III," Greber and Kuypers zoom in on the surroundings of the Hyperloop test and safety facility to reveal a Nevada wasteland filled with shot-up car parts, remnants of stolen cacti and stranded Las Vegas helium balloons.

Exhibition "All the Power that Remains," Procession III, Sept. 8-Oct. 1, 2022, Gallery Lage Egal in Berlin, more information