Jonathan Omer Mizrahi illuminates the Skyline

When the black sky is tinted rosé which is caused by tomatoes and many hearts participate:

The “Night of the Colorful Sky” happens in Grevenbroich-Neurath.

Three years ago the rooftop of the greenhouse “Neurather Garten” opened. The UV- lamps that should boost the growth of the plants lighted up Grevenbroichs sky and made an extraordinary sight.

For the anniversary on 10th of November 2018 the sky will shine brightly again. To celebrate this moment we invite our guests to join a non-commercial light festival at the Neurather Höhe. There will be music and literature to side the buzzing romantic mood of the colorful sky, and even a chance to be part of the movie that will be based on the event…

WHERE? On the field underneath the wind park Neurath

WHEN? 10.11.2018, 7-10 pm