Lena von Goedeke: Negative Emission Technology / Weathering

Thinking about art without sustainability no longer works today. That is why Lena von Goedeke wants to break new ground in her multimedia works, which address and explore the interface between the human body and the outside world. Her solution: olivine.

Olivine is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and binds carbon from the atmosphere during the weathering process. This makes the green rocks a “green” material in a metaphorical sense as well. How can Lena von Goedeke use this in her art? To find out, she sets out on a research trip to Norway and tests various methods. Her goal: “To develop a technique with which the material can be transformed into outdoor sculptures that can be weathered by rainwater and thus make a contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.”

To do this, she wants to draw on 3D printing methods and old energy-industry architecture, which she hopes to transform and put to new use.

#VISIT 2022

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