Lucas Buschfeld: Mendy

“Mendy” by Lucas Buschfeld (born 1983) is the very essence of energy, a visualisation of physical processes. Technology and art combine to unlock new forms of interaction and aesthetics. The culmination of this union was a poetic and meditative installation which first opened at the Christ-König art church in Bochum, marking the end of the VISIT project. 

“Mendy” gives visitors the opportunity to share in a sensory experience of electrical energy, a phenomenon which is rarely still viewed as something magical, and which is measured only by its function in our daily lives. The installation consists of 15 Van de Graaff generators, devices used to generate electrostatic energy. Lucas Buschfeld positioned these generators throughout the church and suspended cables with long paper strips overhead. Each gentle touch from a visitor causes the paper strips to discharge, producing soft movement and waves that travel through the entire space. #VISIT 2013

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