Lukas Marxt: Nella Fantasia

“Nella Fantasia” was created in December 2011 on the offshore oil rig Snorre A located in the North Sea off the coast of Norway. After passing a series of health tests and completing the necessary safety training, Lukas Marxt (born 1983) was able to visit the platform for around ten days to document his visual and auditory impressions of the rig as it was shrouded in the loneliness of the winter storms and towering waves. His work culminated in a cinematic depiction of the microcosm of the oil rig, which focussed less on the technical processes and work on the rig, building instead a sense of place divorced from the conventional associations of the environment, including corridors, curtains, the horizon, the lapping waves, and the vague aura of melancholy accompanying the end of a shift. The slow, long shots of the film evoke a kind of inner monologue that can be felt and experienced by the viewer in a decoupling of human and machine. #VISIT2011

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