Marianna Christofides: Strung to Breaking Point

Marianna Christofides is a visual artist, filmmaker and researcher from Nicosia (Cyprus) currently based in Berlin. In Strung to Breaking Point, a constellation of 16mm moving-image, sound, performance and text elements, Christofides examines energy (ἐν-έργον / in work) as an ethics of multiple forces. She wants to listen to the low hum of different forms of energy and their trajectories. Japan, a country ceaselessly afflicted by disasters – natural and man-made – facilitates entry points to reflect on these notions. Energy is here understood in an expanded sense in its micro- and macro-dimensions and entanglements. Following people and things that are implicated within forms of energy flows, accumulating and transforming them, the 16mm film chapters will emerge from an interaction within a wide ecology of practices.


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