Human-Machine: Petja Ivanova and Tina Wilke / Laura Fong Prosper win scholarships

The 2022 jury had the privilege of deciding on over 170 international applications on the theme of Human-Machine, and now the decision has been made: artist and designer Petja Ivanova will receive a scholarship. In her work, she experiments with bioplastics and "wearables" (intelligent garments) and makes the female body and female sexuality a new experience through creative data processing. This year, the artist duo Tina Wilke and Laura Fong Prosper were selected for a second Human-Machine grant. They are developing an artistic work that combines analogue 16 mm film material of the 20th century, artificial intelligence and biomaterials. The aim: to enable imaginary worlds beyond exploitative structures and apocalyptic narratives of our time.

The Human-Machine Programme is a cooperation between the JUNGEN AKADEMIE and the E.ON Foundation's artist-in-residence programme VISIT. This year's new partner is E-WERK Luckenwalde, Centre for Art Current and Contemporary Art.