Online-panel: The Machinery of Myth

With theoretical and artistic inputs and discussion, the online panel "The Machinery of Myth" aims to discuss new approaches to the human-machine relationship connecting various disciplines such as technology, religion, philosophy and science. Old and contemporary mythological narratives, rituals of shamanism and theories of the non-human are starting points for the exchange on artistic strategies and practices of world and resistance-building.

Participants: Morehshin Allahyari (Iranian-Kurdish media artist, activist, and writer), Nishant Shah (Director of Research & Outreach and Professor of Aesthetics and Culture of Technologies, at ArtEZ University of the Arts, The Netherlands) and Sahej Rahal (visual artist based in Mumbai/India and the first fellow of the “Human-Machine”-programme)

Wednesday 27th of January 2021, 6 pm

The panel is the first in a series of online and offline events as part of the “Human-Machine” fellowship programme by the JUNGE AKADEMIE in cooperation with the VISIT programme, inviting artists, scientists, curators and experts from different fields.

If you want to take part, send an e-mail to Clara Herrmann