Sam Hopkins: Die Dauercamperin

Lena Bauer is „Die Dauercamperin“. She was a visionary and founded the international community “Dezent”. Lena went offline and left her smart life behind to be free. She joined forces with like-minded spirits and started her daring life beyond centralized systems. She provided herself with self-grown vegetables, generated energy and developed a self-sufficient system with her companions. That was in 2020.

“Die Dauercamperin” is a sound installation, that questions the nature of freedom, the borders of autarky and the changeability of systems. We see the trailer as reconstruction of the beginning of the Dezent-Community in 2020. Europe became a dystopia of crumbling economies, Corporate Governance, xenophobic populism and environmental catastrophes. Society fragmented into a number autonomous, independent groups. We listen to Lena and her Roommates, how they argue and question themselves. They fundamentally disagree on how they can pursue their ethical and moral principles in a world in which they keep getting compromised.

“Die Dauercamperin” is an immersive radio-piece that dramatizes the abstract principles of independence and autonomy. It questions a fundamental dilemma: How can one admit to the hypocrisy of the very own lifestyle and at the same time acknowledge ones agency?
A century later Bob Wood, CEO of The People Company, honors Lena Bauer’s effort for the introduction of the New Internet. Empathy and efficiency go hand in hand now. How was this possible? #VISIT2017

From 4th of May up until 30th of June “The Permanent Camper” was presented for the very first time during “Ruhr Ding: Territorien” in Dortmund.

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Der britisch-kenianische Künstler Sam Hopkins (*1979) profitierte auch an anderer Stelle vom VISIT-Stipendium: Das innogy Netzwerk half ihm seine Arbeit „Ministry of Plastic“ vor dem Dortmunder U als Teil des „Innovative Citizen“ Festivals im Dezember 2017 sowie 2018 zur PlastikBudget Konferenz am KWI in Essen auszustellen.