Andrea Winkler and Stefan Panhans: Defender

The fact that the world’s resources are finite is nothing new. However, the electric-vehicle trend or, more specifically, the current prioritisation of electric SUVs is also an example of a widely held mindset that might be starting to show its true colours; this being that we will be able to reduce resource depletion while still clinging to the old consumer-driven growth logic. In a musical, Andrea Winkler and Stefan Panhans sing about this contradiction that finds expression in this ‘battleship’ of relieved conscience. So this will be a show cloaked in this premise for its performance and filming – a premise that in itself is also but a show. The resulting film deals with resource depletion, the will to improve and the lie that tends to be discreetly ignored. This motif of electronic SUVs will be interwoven with feedback loops to today’s ever more performance-driven and permanently self-optimising individual, whose energy may be dwindling even more quickly than that of the planet on which we live. #VISIT2019

The film was shot in the E.ON garage in Dortmund. Participating performers: Anne Ratte-Polle, Lisa Marie Janke and Olivia Hyunsin Kim.

The work celebrated its premiere in May 2021 at Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund.

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