Andreas Greiner opens his solo show “Hybrid Matter“ in the gallery Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin

For the “Gallery Weekend Berlin” Andreas Greiner (#VISIT2016) realizes new projects which allow a speculative look into the future. For the exhibition he elaborated his during the VISIT promotion done experiments with luminescent algae and – in collaboration with Tyler Friedman – realized them in the installation ”The Molecular Ordering of Computational Plants”. While Friedman presents us a soundtrack of a future in which man evolves back to single-celled organisms, Greiner oscillates his algae, makes them shine and gives the viewer the impression of a transcendent communication.

Characterizing Andreas Greiner’s work is his in-depth examination of the dissolving boarders between nature and technology. What is the meaning of nature in an age of digitalization and synthetic biology? The way in which we experience nature is defined by our prior knowledge and socialization, however what we experience in nature is changing rapidly. Human manipulation of evolutionary processes are posing ethically, socially, and ecologically critical questions which demand answers. The exhibition ends 23 June 2018.