Andreas Greiner: Algae Reactors

Andreas Greiner studied art and medicine and is always finding ways to combine science and art. For over eight years, Greiner has been browing bioluminescent algae, which he uses for sculptural installations. While researching his VISIT project, Greiner visited the "Algae Science Center" at the Forschungszentrum J├╝lich. In the dark, the microalgae (Pyrocystis fusiformis) growing in Greiner's exhibitions react to movements by giving off blue pulses of light. In the light, on the other hand, the algae photosynthesise and absorb CO2.

At the start of 2018, Greiner worked together with architect Ivy Lee Fiebig to develop a symbiotic architecture; an installation in which the algae and the visitor entered into a mutual respiratory cycle. In collaboration with composer Tyler Friedman, he devised a 360-degree, audio-visual installation encompassing light, algae and sound in which the exhibition space is gradually enshrouded in darkness while a Sci-Fi story, written and narrated by Friedman, echoes around in the room. The story tells of the fictitious migration of humanity back into the oceans and its devolution to single-cell microorganisms - a state in which limbs are superluous and individuality coalesces into a collective, digitalised superconscious. Bioluminescent algae illuminate and visualise humanity's described future throughout the narration. #VISIT2017

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