Christian Keinstar: Simplification

Christian Keinstar (born 1975) produces sculptures, performances and installations using an array of astonishing materials and effects which produce events of incredible power and magnetism. His VISIT fellowship was dedicated to developing a spectacular, existential cycle. A head, cast from the rare metal gallium, which liquefies at 29°C, is slowly melted away. The liquid is collected in a mould, where it is again cast in the shape of a head, beginning the process anew. 

Due to the extreme density of the material, the melting process is highly aesthetic. By using a specialised silicon mould, it is possible to cast this metal into sculptures, allow these to solidify and then liquefy them once again by applying electricity and heat. This means that each cast is unique that each melting process is different from the one before. Some heads disappear slowly and gingerly, while others list grotesquely to the side or crumble into pieces. The installation presents the theme of eternal genesis and dissolution in a way that seems almost sober and industrial. On the one hand, it highlights the serial nature of reproduction, while on the other, it emphasizes the uniqueness of human existence..

The Lehmbruck-Museum exhibited ‘Simplification’ together with other work by Christian Keinstar as part of the series “Sculpture 21st” in April 2017. #VISIT2015

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