Nina + Adnan Softic: The History of the Polarstern (WT)

At the end of 2020 the icebreaker "Polarstern" returned from its Arctic expedition, having spent over a year collecting data with a kilometre-wide network of measuring stations. The unbelievable amount of data is now open to all, waiting to be evaluated, and at the same time demonstrates to us what the artists consider to be the essential ambivalence of our epoch: On the one hand, the ability to read out invisible changes with the help of highly complex measurements, and on the other hand, the inability of the world community to trust and deal with these measurements.

The duo asks whether the transfer of complex data into human memory can be left to science and reason alone and whether the discredited emotions and irrationality still have a place here. The result is a multimedia installation that aims to make visible the limits of language, knowledge and the pitfalls of perception.


Website Kinolom / Nina und Adnan Softic