Celine Berger: Embedded

Céline Berger (*1973) followed working life in two innogy SE departments, spending three weeks in each. In March 2018, she spent a shift at Nordsee Ost on the archipelago of Heligoland as part of the innogy offshore wind farms team. Then, in November 2018, she spent three weeks with the NWoW team in the HR Department that develops new ways of working and deals with organisational and work processes. Berger became artist in 2009 following a career as an engineer in the semiconductor industry. She saw the residency as a unique opportunity to reimmerse herself in previous working life, but this time with a new perspective. Standing at this special crossroads of the known and the unknown, she reflected on the everyday work life she had observed and what "practiced work" could mean.

She opened the "Kein dritter Mann" (No Third Man) exhibition on Heligoland at the beginning of Feburary 2019. The works of art are discreetly distributed around the base station, for example, a new work instruction designed by the artist, which regulates the use of irony in day-to-day communication, hangy on the pin board together with all the other work instructions. One year later the exhibition "Ein ganz schlechter Zeitpunkt" opend in the headquater of innogy SE. Here Céline Berger concentrated on photos, video works and especially AR-Objects distributed as a surprise in the whole meeting area. #VISIT2017

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