Jonathan Omer Mizrahi: The Night of the Colourful Sky

Jonathan Omer Mizrahi is planning a project based on an extraordinary energy-charged event in Grevenbroich, Germany. On the evening of 11 November 2015, a pinkish light around the Neurath power plant caused many people to panic as it looked like a UFO had landed. It turned out that a local nursery was testing a new lighting system for a huge greenhouse consisting of seven million LED lights, before the blackout screening was ready. This event inspired Jonathan Omer Mizrah to create a film that combines documentary elements with a fictional story. The protagonists such as the security guard, a worker, the greenhouse manager or an engineer are all participants of the ecological network that forms the greenhouse. By escaping the greenhouse, the UV light enable to render other spaces with new vision. Combining images of the actual greenhouse with metaphorical representations of the Greenhouse Effect theory is giving the film's visual surface a translation of the solar radiation spectrum. In community-based happening, three years after the UV light accidently illuminated the night sky, "The night of the colourful sky", an organized celebration has been set up to repeat that moment. Viewing the light as a subliminal site, an addition to the industrial grevenbroicher landscape. Residents of the area, mostly employees at the RWE power plant, have marveled at the pink sky as they would watch a solar eclipse, they drank mulled wine and documented the light phenomenon with their private cell phones.

Jonathan Omer Mizrahi lives in Cologne, Germany and since 2014 has been studying ‘Media Arts’ with a focus on ‘Film’, ‘Multimedia Performance/Surveillant Architectures’ and ‘Public Art’ at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany.