Lola Göller shows results of her research trip to Gazprom pyramid

"Shine on, You pretty Pyramid: Energiya!" is the motto and name of the current series of works by Berlin-based artist Lola Göller.

For the past seven years, our scholarship recipient has been dedicated to contemporary pyramid-shaped buildings around the world and has also been dealing with pyramid energy. According to the teachings of this NewAge cult, pyramid-shaped containers influence the people and objects inside in a positive way. In Russia, under the direction of the pyramid energy researcher Alexander Golod, numerous state-supported experiments are being conducted on this subject.

In 2000, on the initiative of the energy corporation Gazprom, a 22-meter-high pyramid was built near the Aksarayskiy gas condensate field to reduce the environmental damage caused by the corporation's derivatives.

At the end of 2021, the artist made a research trip to this pyramid and investigated its function and history. Her main interest was the tension between a landscape scarred by industry, the people whose existence is dependent on the energy giant Gazprom, and the mystical-esoteric, pseudoscientific pyramid experiments.

She received information about an environmental scandal in the 1980s, learned about mysterious phenomena and personal fates, all related to the pyramid.

She expanded her research and documentary work by staging performances in and around the pyramid, which she developed together with local musicians and dancers and captured on film. The numerous interviews, film, photo and audio recordings resulted in a multimedia installation and a documentary film.

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