Marianna Christofides: Energy as ethics of multiple forces

Filmmaker and artistic researcher Marianna Christofides understands the thematic field of energy as an ethics of multiple forces, which she traces. Our fellow's multi-part, cross-media narratives are created using 16mm moving image, sound, performance, and text elements, and are constantly re-activated through encounters with new life-worlds, landscapes sometimes destroyed and sometimes in the making. Confronted with the fact that human agency has irrevocably mutilated the ecologies in which it is embedded, Christofides seeks to create a poetic and critical resonance with forces to which vulnerable bodies-human and non-human-are exposed.

Since 2018, she has repeatedly visited sites in Japan, researching interrupted lives, slow violence, effects of tectonic shifts, and environmental disasters. She encounters nuclear malaise, a mercury-contaminated sea, encounters corporate nationalisms and social dislocation.

But what options for action do we have in a wasting world where uncertainty prevails? Guided by the quiet hum of various forms of energy forces and their (in)visible trajectories, Christofides seeks ways to explore these questions in collaboration with artists, activists, artisans, and researchers.

Her project "Strung to Breaking Point" is part of the cycle "Exercises in becoming uncertain". Her lecture performances were shown at the bi'bak cinema in Berlin in 2021 and at the mumok cinema in Vienna in 2022.