Merlin Baum: Kinetic Lightinterface

Merlin Baum (born 1984) focuses his pieces on the moment in which people trigger an event, for example when they release energy in order to power a machine or bring a mechanism to life. His work is influenced by the concept of the “interface” or the place that enables communication between two objects to take place. With his “Kinetic Lightinterface”, Merlin Baum creates a space which encourages its visitors to take action, either alone or in groups. Visitors may move freely through the installation, dance under the light interface, blow on it or use a paper fan to produce currents of air that bring the installation to life. During his VISIT residency, Merlin Baum was able to develop his prototypes into an installation for the Kunstmuseum Bochum. He used 324 individual lamps to build an interactive light field which respond to the wind and turbulences produced by the visitors. #VISIT2014

Website of Merlin Baum

Kinetisches Lichtinterface / Kunstmuseum Bochum from Merlin Baum on Vimeo.