Sven Johne: Sassnitz - North Stream, western End

In the summer of 2020, the industrial port of the Baltic Sea town of Sassnitz (on the island of RĂ¼gen) became the focus of global politics: three Republican US senators threatened "devastating sanctions if ships for the Russian-German North Stream 2 pipeline project were to continue to be equipped there". The place was caught between the fronts of great powers, because a base of this major project worth billions is located here. In Johne's view, however, the fronts run not only between Germany, Russia and the USA, but also within the EU (especially between Germany and Poland), they run between energy companies and environmentalists, between a (rather Russia-critical) West German public and a (rather pro-Russian) East German one. 

His project involves artistic fieldwork in Sassnitz, the aim of which is to capture the reverberations of big politics in a small town.


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